Twilight Civic & Cultural Club

Organized - January 11, 1945

Alva Collins – President

Vonell Morgan – Vice President

Jewel Speed – Secretary

James Etta Brooks – Assistant Secretary

Anniece Hicks – Financial Secretary

Vanessa Williams – Assistant Financial Secretary

Patricia Deyon – Treasurer

Melvis Anderson – Chaplain

On January 11, 1945, there were nine perspective members that met in the home of Mrs. M.A. Carr, to organize a woman’s club in the Lake Como Community, on the westside of Fort Worth.  At this meeting officers were selected; Mrs. W.E. Bracken – President and former state president; Mrs. G.B. Smith – Vice President; Mrs. Fannie Mae Dudley – Recording Secretary; Mrs. E. L. Berryman – Assistant Secretary; Mrs. E.A. Sneed – Treasurer; and

Mrs. C.A. Brooks – Chairman of Executive Board.  At this meeting various mottos were suggested.  The ladies decided on “Not for Ourselves Alone, But for Others”.  And to this day after “76” years later it continues to be Twilight’s motto.  The colors of crimson red and white were chosen to be the club’s colors, the song chosen was “Loves Old Sweet Song”.  During the early years Twilight sponsored young girls between the ages of 8-13 called “The Twilight Culturettes”. Twilight has grown in size so a cap of 25 members was put in place.


Twilight was held and hosted numerous fundraisers like:  Snap-Raise; Baby Contests; Fashion Shows; Raffles; Garage/Yard Sales; Stay-At-Home Teas; I’ll Give; Candle Sales; Adopt a Family Tree; Feed the Piggy Bank; Saving Dimes, etc. Supporting and participating in the Federation as well as the SW Region with their fundraisers.

Community Service Activities:

Twilight Civic & Cultural Club is an active part of the Como Community with 3-5 Book Scholarships for qualifying and graduating high school senior; volunteering at Como Montessori to prepare Back Packs for all school age children.  Supporting Eugene Memorial Daycare and Tot’s Haven Christian Academy with educational supplies for their students.  Volunteering at the New Como Community Center assisting with the Community’s Food-Give-Away.  Preparing dinners at The Ronald McDonald House for families with hospitalized children who are housed there with their children, participated in the North Texas Giving Day; HOPE Farm for Boys; supporting the Lake Como Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance with monetary donations every Thanksgiving.  This is to assist in some small way community families with whatever the need; Giving holiday baskets at Thanksgiving and at Christmas for their families dinner.  AS Twilight continues to “shine” throughout the community, we are continuously reminded of our motto:

“Not for Ourselves Alone, But for Others”